How does the ESDFRM work?


Escuelas Sociodeportivas promueven Valores

The Real Madrid Foundation Socio-Sporting Schools, implemented by the Alalay Foundation, have the character of social prevention by means of diagnosis, analysis and tackling of situations of vulnerability, such as social violence, that affect children in different cities across Bolivia. 

 From this perspective, a proposal is implemented based on competition: the components of which are skills and abilities necessary for life and for the exercise of children’s rights.

This strategy is developed through football:


The schools work with five areas of expertise:


Social (skills for life and values), educational, physical, technical / tactical, regulatory

 Methodological proposal for parents and local leaders:


Knowledge is transferred to the parents of the families by means of training in skills for life and values, which is developed through workshops and group therapy sessions.


 Methodological Proposal for teachers in Public Schools:

The training of teachers in public schools is given in two sections: in life skills and professional responsibilities in the area of work inside the school.

Methodological proposal for the community:

The methodological proposal for the community is developed through informal conferences in which the entire community: boys, girls, children, parents, school teachers and local leaders, participate in activities of coexistence.


Donations and Support

How you can help us?:

Be part of the mission of reverting poverty conditions

You can help Alalay through: online chash donations, in kind donations or sponsoring a child through a monthly bank tnansfer helping specifically a child in his or her nutrition,

school materials or clothing.

Donate directly through a Bank account transfer or deposit to:

Cuenta Corriente No. 4010521029