Conditions for Volunteers

If you would like to be a volunteer at the Alalay Foundation, please bear in mind the following information:

1. You must fill in completely the downloadable application form and send it to

2. Afterwards, the application will be evaluated and the applicant will be contacted for a possible online interview. The objective is to ensure that the children can rely on a motivated volunteer with the fundamental skills necessary to support the children with their homework and other tasks.

3. The Alalay Foundation will then inform the applicant regarding their acceptation onto the programme.

4. Some volunteers apply through agencies such as AFS, ICYE, Act Now, etc. Each agency has its own admission process. In any case, it will be necessary to apply to Alalay utilising the official forms.

Volunteer with a girl in Alalay Santa Cruz

Specific Conditions necessary for participation as a volunteer

1. The volunteer is accepted under similar conditions as any member of staff at Alalay, although they will not receive any kind of payment for their work. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the volunteer to have all the necessary legal documentation to stay in Bolivia. If the volunteer plans to stay for more than three months, Alalay will provide guidance for how to obtain this documentation, although the volunteer will ultimately be responsible for going through the stages involved.

2. It is recommended that every volunteer have health insurance, which will provide him/her with cover against any accident or health risk.

3. Alalay does not charge the volunteers unless they decide to eat in the homes where they work. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to pay for their own food. However, if the volunteer decides to live in the Children’s Aldea, they will be provided with a shared cabin during their stay.

4. Costs for medicine, transport, stationary, recreation, items of personal cleanliness, activities for the children carried out on the initiative of the volunteer etc. must be paid by the volunteer or the agency that sends them.

5. Due to the characteristics of our therapeutic programme, volunteers will not be accepted who are in the process of treatment for prolonged health problems. Applicants will also be rejected who are susceptible to alcohol or drug abuse, or possess any kind of behaviour that might put the children of Alalay under risk.


Donations and Support

How you can help us?:

Be part of the mission of reverting poverty conditions

You can help Alalay through: online chash donations, in kind donations or sponsoring a child through a monthly bank tnansfer helping specifically a child in his or her nutrition,

school materials or clothing.

Donate directly through a Bank account transfer or deposit to:

Cuenta Corriente No. 4010521029