Become an Advocate for Alalay

To be an advocate of the children is to be the voice of the boys and girls in front of people, institutions, donors, friends, the media etc. in order to communicate the views of the children and combat the conditions that generate child poverty.

There are many ways to be the voice of the children, to represent them and create better opportunities for them. For example, it is possible to:

Contribute to the dissemination of information that increases awareness of issues related to vulnerable children.

Spread word of the work of Alalay Foundation in their areas of influence.

Make contact with public or private institutions promoting activities to develop their cooperation with Alalay: colleges, private clubs, parishes or churches, companies and other organisations of the tertiary sector.

Search for local and international partners from companies, churches, governments, NGOs, Foundations, Associations, Educational Institutions, etc. that can directly or indirectly support the children and families in vulnerable situations, to the end of the establishment of collective agreements and mutual cooperation.

 Alalay's children with volunteers

You can be a partner of the children searching for different recourses for the boys and girls.

It is possible to become a sponsor of one child at a time, contributing a monetary fee in monthly instalments. You can manage fundraising activities in schools, universities, companies, etc. through markets, sales of used articles, or charity concerts.

Alalay also seeks a stable and sustainable relationship with financial partners of projects and initiatives of direct benefit to the children, families and communities in vulnerable situations.

Who can stop us?


Donations and Support

How you can help us?:

Be part of the mission of reverting poverty conditions

You can help Alalay through: online chash donations, in kind donations or sponsoring a child through a monthly bank tnansfer helping specifically a child in his or her nutrition,

school materials or clothing.

Donate directly through a Bank account transfer or deposit to:

Cuenta Corriente No. 4010521029