Special projects

In order to continue fighting the root causes of poverty, the Alalay Foundation undertakes several different projects to the benefit of the vulnerable children, parents, schools and communities.

Suport the Textile Project:

1a. General Objective

TATEX: employing a young, available and qualified workforce with the objective of producing garments of clothing of an industrial and sanitary quality, with a commercial and market focus on quality and competitiveness, seeking sustainability and profitability of products and generating income to contribute to the continuity of the operations of the Alalay Foundation.


1b. Specific Objectives

-       To establish a diverse offer of quality, market-orientated, and sustainable textile products.

-       To generate alternative long term employment opportunities for the children who complete their time in the Aldea and leave for work.

-       To promote young entrepreneurship among the children who complete the last stages in the Alalay programme.

-       To make strategic alliances with entities interested in supporting the Alalay model and encouraging this life choice for children and teenagers of the streets.


Donations and Support

How you can help us?:

Be part of the mission of reverting poverty conditions

You can help Alalay through: online chash donations, in kind donations or sponsoring a child through a monthly bank tnansfer helping specifically a child in his or her nutrition,

school materials or clothing.

Donate directly through a Bank account transfer or deposit to:

Cuenta Corriente No. 4010521029