Volunteering Program Description

As part of the task of reversing the conditions of poverty for boys, girls, and teenagers in vulnerable situations, volunteers from all over the world make a substantial contribution through the Alalay Foundation’s Volunteer Programme. These volunteers come to Bolivia for between 3 to 12 months in order to directly help the children involved in the programmes of Alalay. It is sought that this experience be enriching not only for the children, but also for the volunteer.


The Alalay Foundation promotes mutual transformation as part of the understanding that relations are not paternalistic or practical, but integrally human, taking into account social, emotional, economic, physical and spiritual factors with each and every individual. 

General view of Aldeas Infantiles Alalay -La Paz


The volunteer arrives with many expectations, skills, and a lot of knowledge to share to the benefit of the children. As well as this, it is hoped that the volunteer benefits from the humanity of the experience and the richness of the relationships established with the children.

The volunteer is part of the richness and the humanity of the Alalay, and becomes the voice of the youth in vulnerable situations, sharing their experiences, searching for financial and human resources, and ultimately, being a permanent friend and ally of the children.


The basic tasks of the volunteer with children are:

1. Prevention: through the development of activities which allow for the detection and dealing with of elements, situations or environments which could lead to the mistreatment or abandonment of the child.

2. To carry out actions of companionship, guidance and support in the process of personal development of the child in a protected situation. 

3. To assist educators and caregivers in daily tasks with children ( meals, cleaning tasks, children dynamics and activities accoring their age, etc. )


Donations and Support

How you can help us?:

Be part of the mission of reverting poverty conditions

You can help Alalay through: online chash donations, in kind donations or sponsoring a child through a monthly bank tnansfer helping specifically a child in his or her nutrition,

school materials or clothing.

Donate directly through a Bank account transfer or deposit to:

Cuenta Corriente No. 4010521029