After a while, Alalay's kids received new Quilts, bed sets, and other so welcomed stuff.

17 Octubre, 2013

On October 10th Alalay kids received a very thrilling visit, which was bringing brand new gifts for them.

On October 10th Alalay’s kids received a very thrilling visit, which was bringing brand new gifts for them.  Patricia Cáceres, a Bolivian Realtor currently living in the US, tenderly shook hands and received many hugs from 63 Alalay’s kids (boys and girls) during the donation handout that took place in “The Aldeas” , located in La Paz-Bolivia.

Kids felt loved and cared because there are many people of God who, regardless of distance and language, keep very close to their hearts. That is easy to witness particularly in those details in that encouraging encounter. Some times kids receive used things, yet it is a very exiting detail receiving brand new stuff.

The donation mainly included: pans, cooking pots large and medium, landfills, fruit bowls for each children’s house. In addition, they also received quilts and bedding sets and an Industrial blender too.

Patricia Cáceres, has become a friend of Alalay’s kids not only because she is a generous contributor for kids needs, but an advocate for vulnerable kids in La Paz- Bolivia.

Even though it's been 23 years rescuing children from the streets of main Bolivian Cities, the challenge is a monthly one satisfying basic need such as nourishment, clothing, kitchenware, etc. 

God is Faithful and Children are not alone.




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